Camera Analog cu Inflared Planet, de exterior IP66, vizibilitate pana la 25 metri, Vandalproof IK10, Senzor vari-focal Sony Effio-E DSP EXview CCD 1/3inch, rezolutie 650 (color) / 700 (alb-negru) TVL, Format PAL - CAM-IVP55V-PA


Providing Better Lens for Clearer and Sharper Surveillance Image

PLANET has launched the CAM-IVP55, a clearer and sharper 25-meter infrared vandalproof camera. When working with PLANET Digital Video Recorders or Internet Video Servers, it helps users to easily create a secure protection system in their daily lives.

The CAM-IVP55 integrates with the latest high sensitive color Sony Effio-E DSP EXview 1/3” interline transfer Charge Coupled Device (CCD) image sensor, producing pictures reaching 700TV Lines (TVL) of horizontal resolution. Its Auto-Iris lens will then adjust the amount of light that passes through the lens automatically.

TV Lines are a measure of horizontal resolution. The human eye cannot detect the number of TV Lines that a camera can produce. This must be measured using a specialized chart like the one shown below.

Sony Effio-E DSP EXview 1/3" CCD Sensor

What is Effio? It stands for Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor. The "Effio" series realizes a horizontal resolution of maximum 700 TVL in combination with Sony's newly developed 960H CCD image sensor. It draws upon Sony's extensive know-how and technology to further pursue the high resolution, S/N ratio and color reproducibility demanded of security cameras. This enables to provide clearer pictures with higher sensitivity compared to conventional CCTV cameras.

"EXview HAD CCD II" is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
The "EXview HAD CCD II" is a CCD image sensor that realizes sensitivity (typical) of 1000mV or more per 1µm2 (Color: F5.6/BW: F8 in 1 s accumulation equivalent) and improves light efficiency by including near infrared light region as a basic structure of Sony's "EXview HAD CCD".

External OSD (On Screen Display) Setup Menu Interface

It’s possible to control menu displayed on screen for adjusting diverse image quality of camera. All functions can be operated from OSD: AES (Automatic Electronic Shutter), AI (Auto Iris), GC (Gain Control), WB (White Balance) and BLC (Back Light compensation).It provides the flickerless mode, and line-lock function, which make it easy to use.

High Tech, High Quality, High Protection

The CAM-IVP55V applies Adaptive Tone Reproduction (ATR) technology to improve the visibility of the entire picture by providing the optimum gradation compensation for the image in one field based on the luminance information. Adopted 2-DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology, it automatically reduces noises in low light environment, saving 90% hard disk storage space of DVR when using MPEG/ MPEG4/ H.264 compression after the reduction of noises. It brings an extremely clear and exquisite picture quality even under any challenging lighting conditions.

The camera provides motion detection warnings offering more comprehensive monitoring of safety protection. Carefully-planned privacy zone enables monitoring more at ease.

Vari-Focal Offers the Best Recording Flexibility

The CAM-IVP55V built-in Vari-Focal Lens with ICR 2.8~10.5mm / F1.2~F2.6 provides a range of focal lengths allowing users to zoom in/out the image with one lens, which has the option of selecting a high millimeter setting for narrow viewing fields or a low millimeter setting for wider viewing fields. The CAM-IVP55V provides high quality images under all lighting conditions.

Day & Night Functionality and 3-Axis Mechanism Design

For the clear surveillance image both in the day and night, the CAM-IVP55V can prevent the annoying halo issue that always accompanies with the IR dome camera. A display resolution of 700TV Lines makes the still image clear even at night. Special headlight design of blocking the refracted IR ray into the lens makes the CAM-IVP55V bring the clearest vision and average irradiation.
3-Axis movement for free lens rotation, users could adjust the lens to any angle desired by the users. Thus, the CAM-IVP55V is able to maintain clear images 24 hours a day.

Vandalproof Design and IP66 Certified
The CAM-IVP55V also has vandalproof design that can shield 10 pounds of impact. It is the perfect choice for outdoor surveillance system by providing IP66 weatherproof certified protection, 700 TVL high-quality images and Infrared LED solutions.

Taking advantage of the convenient TCP/IP network, the surveillance system administrators can integrate different kinds of cameras such as the CAM-IVP55V IR dome camera with PLANET DVR system to establish Day / Night surveillance applications and outdoor secure surveillance applications, and to ensure a secure environment to protect people's life.

The IVS-H125P enables you to monitor your house, office or production line in the factory via the analog cameras like the CAM-IVP55V through Internet. The administrators can easily place the IVS-H125P Internet Video Server wherever a network connection is available and efficiently turn the analog camera monitoring system into IP-based surveillance.

Image pick-up device 1/3" Color Sony Effio-E DSP EXview HAD CCD II
Lens Vari-Focal Lens with ICR 2.8~10.5mm
Focal Length: Wide: 99.5 x 73.2 degrees, Tele: 27.4 x 20.6 degrees
Min Illuminator 0.01 Lux @ F1.2~F2.6
Effective Pixels NTSC: 976 x 494, PAL: 976 x 582
IR LED 24 Units of 850nm High Efficiency IR LED
IR Distance 25 meters
Horizontal Resolution Color: 650 TVL, B/ W: 700 TVL
S/N Ratio More than 50 dB
White Balance ATW / Manual / PUSH / ANTI CR / USER1 / USER2 / Push Lock
Gamma Characteristic 0.45
Video Output Composite 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohm CVBS (BNC)
Gain Control Automatic
Auto Electronic Shutter Auto: 1/50~1/100,000
Manual: 1/50(60), 1/100(120), 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/3000, 1/5000, 1/100,000
Synchronous System Internal, Negative sync
On-Screen-Display (OSD) Yes
Freeze NTSC: 1/100, PAL: 1/120
Flickerless Mode On / Off
Back Light Comp. On / Off
Adaptive Tone Reproduction (ATR) On / Off
Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) On / Off
High light compensation (HLC) On / Off
IR Optimizer (IR Smart) On / Off
Mirror On / Off
Positive / Negative On / Off
Motion Detection 4 free areas (Area size adjustable)
Privacy Masking 8 free areas (Area size adjustable)
Camera Title Up to 52 characters
Language English / Japanese / German / French / Russian / Portuguese / Spanish / Simplified Chinese
Weatherproof IP66
Vandalproof IK-10
Power Requirements DC 12V, 1A
IR on: 410mA
IR off: 210mA
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 50 degrees C (14 ~ 122 degrees F)
Dimensions (Φ x H) 145 x 108.2 mm
Weight 1.1 Kg
Data Tip Model Versiune Descriere Download
13 noiembrie, 2013 Datasheet CAM-IVP55V-PA V2
13 noiembrie, 2013 Datasheet CAM-IVP55V-PA v2