Camera Analog cu Inflared Planet, de exterior IP66, vizibilitate pana la 25 metri, Vandalproof IK10, Senzor Sony Effio-E DSP EXview CCD 1/3inch, rezolutie 650 (color) / 700 (alb-negru) TVL, Format PAL - CAM-IVP55-PA


Providing Better Lens for Clearer and Sharper Surveillance Image

PLANET has launched the CAM-IVP55, a clearer and sharper 25-meter infrared vandalproof camera. When working with PLANET Digital Video Recorders or Internet Video Servers, it helps users to easily create a secure protection system in their daily lives.

The CAM-IVP55 integrates with the latest high sensitive color Sony Effio-E DSP EXview 1/3” interline transfer Charge Coupled Device (CCD) image sensor, producing pictures reaching 700TV Lines (TVL) of horizontal resolution. Its Auto-Iris lens will then adjust the amount of light that passes through the lens automatically.

TV Lines are a measure of horizontal resolution. The human eye cannot detect the number of TV Lines that a camera can produce. This must be measured using a specialized chart like the one shown below.

Sony Effio-E DSP EXview 1/3" CCD Sensor

What is Effio? It stands for Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor. The "Effio" series realizes a horizontal resolution of maximum 700 TVL in combination with Sony's newly developed 960H CCD image sensor. It draws upon Sony's extensive know-how and technology to further pursue the high resolution, S/N ratio and color reproducibility demanded of security cameras. This enables to provide clearer pictures with higher sensitivity compared to conventional CCTV cameras.

"EXview HAD CCD II" is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
The "EXview HAD CCD II" is a CCD image sensor that realizes sensitivity (typical) of 1000mV or more per 1µm2 (Color: F5.6/BW: F8 in 1 s accumulation equivalent) and improves light efficiency by including near infrared light region as a basic structure of Sony's "EXview HAD CCD".

Day & Night Functionality and 3-Axis Mechanism Design

For the clear surveillance image both in the day and night, the CAM-IVP55 can prevent the annoying halo issue that always accompanies with the IR dome camera. A display resolution of 700TV Lines makes the still image clear even at night. Special headlight design of blocking the refracted IR ray into the lens makes the CAM-IVP55 bring the clearest vision and average irradiation.
3-Axis movement for free lens rotation, users could adjust the lens to any angle desired by the users. Thus, the CAM-IVP55 is able to maintain clear images 24 hours a day.

Vandalproof Design and IP66 Certified
The CAM-IVP55 also has vandalproof design that can shield 10 pounds of impact. It is the perfect choice for outdoor surveillance system by providing IP66 weatherproof certified protection, 700 TVL high-quality images and Infrared LED solutions.

Taking advantage of the convenient TCP/IP network, the surveillance system administrators can integrate different kinds of cameras such as the CAM-IVP55 IR dome camera with PLANET DVR system to establish Day / Night surveillance applications and outdoor secure surveillance applications, and to ensure a secure environment to protect people's life.

The IVS-H125P enables you to monitor your house, office or production line in the factory via the analog cameras like the CAM-IVP55 through Internet. The administrators can easily place the IVS-H125P Internet Video Server wherever a network connection is available and efficiently turn the analog camera monitoring system into IP-based surveillance.

Image pick-up device 1/3" Color Sony Effio-E DSP EXview HAD CCD II
Lens Board Lens 4.3mm
Focal Length: Wide:99.5°x73.2°, Tele:27.4°x20.6°
Min Illuminator 0.01 Lux @ F1.2
Effective Pixels NTSC: 976 x 494, PAL: 976 x 582
IR LED 24 Units of 850nm High Efficiency IR LED
IR Distance 25 meters
Horizontal Resolution Color: 650 TVL, B/ W: 700 TVL
S/N Ratio More than 50 dB
White Balance Automatic
Gamma Characteristic 0.45
Video Output Composite 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohm CVBS (BNC)
Gain Control Automatic
Auto Electronic Shutter NTSC:1/60s~1/100,000s, PAL:1/50s~1/100,000s
Synchronous System Internal, Negative sync
Weatherproof IP66
Vandalproof IK-10
Power Requirements DC 12V, 1A
IR on: 410mA
IR off: 210mA
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 50 degrees C (14 ~ 122 degrees F)
Dimensions (Φ x H) 145 x 108.2 mm
Weight 1.1 Kg
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13 noiembrie, 2013 Datasheet CAM-IVP55-PA V2